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The Art of Climate Change

Live With Internationally Recognized Environmental Artist
Alisa Singer

Sponsored by

Student Center Board of Advisors
Jun 3 2020

June 3, 2020
10:00 a.m. PDT

Environmental Graphiti® Artwork in Pacific Ballroom Lobby

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  • Introduction

    What makes Alisa Singer the artist for our times

  • Recent Work

    COVID-19 and the Climate: What you need to know

  • Finding Art in Science

    Enter into the artist’s imagination as she pulls inspiration from today’s science

  • The Mission

    How individuals, museums, schools and universities, non-profits and government agencies can get involved

Environmental Graphiti

Art makes Science more accessible. Science makes the Art more meaningful.

The Artist Alisa Singer

Alisa believes climate change to be the most critical challenge facing our world, and sought to find a way to use her art to further efforts to bring awareness to the issue.

She was attracted by the inherently aesthetic design elements of scientific charts and graphs, and intrigued by the idea of using art to give them dramatic effect. She conceived the Environmental Graphiti project in 2014 and created the series The Art of Climate Change, with abstract images illustrating the science behind the critical changes impacting our planet.

About Environmental Graphiti

Alisa Singer

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