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Policies and Guidelines

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Please be advised of the policies and guidelines that event hosts and guests are expected to be aware of.

Some policies and permits may require additional lead time for processing. For events requiring equipment rentals or food, see the guidelines outlined in Policy Generally Prohibiting Contracting for Services (Regents Policy 5402). For events requiring a food permit, refer to the Temporary Food Permit Application Process.

Notable Policies

Policy Generally Prohibiting Contracting for Services
Regents Policy 5402

Describes a general prohibition on contracting out for services and functions that can be performed by University staff.

Temporary Food Permit Application Process

A Temporary Food Permit is required for public events on UCI property where food is sold or given away.

List of policies used for various purposes in the UCI Student Center
Policy Description Type
Access Regulations for Employee Organizations
Sec. 900-14
These regulations provide reasonable access to University employees by employee organizations while ensuring that employee organization activities do not disrupt daily work activities, teaching, and research. UCI
Alcoholic Beverage Policy
Sec. 900-13
Policy on the sale, service, and consumption of alcoholic beverages at University events both on and off campus. UCI
Banner Policy
Sec. 900-32
Guidelines for the design and placement of banners on the UC Irvine Campus. UCI
Campus Property Reservation Guidelines
Sec. 900-11
Guidelines for scheduling campus property reservations through Student Center & Event Services and associated use fees. Student Center
Commercial and Off-Campus Vendor Access Policy
Sec. 900-16
Policy for access to University properties by off-campus vendors and commercial entities in regard to campus events. UCI
Conduct of Non-Affiliates Guidelines and regulations on the conduct of non-affiliates (persons who are not students, officers, or employees of the University of California) in the buildings and on the grounds of the University of California. UC Wide
Policy on Credit and Debit Card Acceptance and Security
Sec. 704-14
The University is obligated to comply with various laws, regulations, guidelines, and policies to safeguard sensitive financial information, including credit and debit card data of its customers. This policy applies to all credit card processing at UCI. UCI
Dean of Students Conduct Policy Various policies applying to Campus activities, organizations, and students. UCI
Environmental Health and Safety Policy
Sec. 903-10
Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) ensures that UCI complies with applicable health, safety and environmental laws, regulations and requirements; and, that activities are conducted in a manner that protects students, faculty, staff, visitors, the public, property, and the environment. UCI
Environmental Health & Safety Fire Safety This section outlines the policy and procedures related to the Special Events Program that is administered through the Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Department. UCI
Environmental Health & Safety Temporary Food Permit Application Process A Temporary Food Permit is required for public events on UCI property where food is sold or given away. UCI requires permits to ensure the safety of our campus community and to track food that was cooked or served in the event of reported foodborne illness. The California Retail Food Code (CalCode) dictates the requirements for the operation of a temporary food facility. UCI
Filming and Photography Policy
Sec. 900-30
This policy clarifies the circumstances under which filming and photography are allowed on the UC Irvine campus and its properties. UCI
Filming and Photography Guidelines
Sec. 900-31
Guidelines for filming and photography on the UC Irvine campus, including special requirements and planning with Student Center & Event Services. Student Center
Fireworks Policy
Sec. 903-23
UCI Policy regarding individual and licensed professional firework displays on campus. UCI
Flag Display Policy
Sec. 900-17
Guidelines on Display of Flags on the UC Irvine Campus. UCI
Food Service Guidelines
Sec. 500
Guidelines for serving food on campus, including UCI-approved catering providers. UCI
Free Speech and Academic Freedom Frequently asked questions about free speech, what forms of free speech are protected, and how it relates to the safety of our students and faculty. UCI
Guidelines for Performance Agreements
Sec. 712-12
Performance agreements are used to engage the services of performers for concerts, lectures, and various theatrical and musical productions. The University of California Performance Agreement should be used for all categories of performances. UCI
Insurance Requirements
Minimum requirements for vendors performing work on University property. The University of California does not need to be a certificate holder/additional insured on a workers comp policy, but University policy does require these elements for Commercial Liability and for commercial auto insurance. See section 3.D.2 for details on additional insured requirements UC Wide
Non-Research Animal Policy
Sec. 905-40
Non-research animals are restricted on campus to minimize health risks and fears of members of the campus community, and to provide a safe work, learning, research, and patient care environment. UCI
Parking Permit and Adjudication Guidelines
Sec. 904-11
Guidelines for vehicle permits, fines, and other parking protocols. UCI
Parking, Transportation, and Traffic Regulation Policy
Sec. 904
UCI Policy on vehicle regulation, parking, and enforcement. UCI
Policy Generally Prohibiting Contracting for Services
Regents Policy 5402
Describes a general prohibition on contracting out for services and functions that can be performed by University staff. UC Wide
Posting Guidelines
Sec. 900-12
Printed material referring to an event, activity, or service that is not conducted for private business or personal gain may be posted in designated locations at the Student Center. Student Center
Registered Campus Organization Event Terms and ConditionsThe authorized signer of a Registered Campus Organization must agree to these terms and conditions when booking an event at SCES.Student Center
Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy
Sec. 903-14
These Policy and Procedures set forth the responsibilities of the members of the UCI community for establishing and maintaining a Smoke and Tobacco-Free environment. They apply to all students, staff, faculty, contractors, volunteers, and visitors. UCI
Sustainable Practices This policy establishes goals in nine areas of sustainable practices: green building, clean energy, transportation, climate protection, sustainable operations, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable procurement, sustainable foodservice, sustainable water systems. UC Wide
Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines Guidance for the acquisition of recycled content products, environmentally preferable products and services, bio-based products, energy- and water-efficient products, alternate fuel vehicles, products using renewable energy, and alternatives to hazardous or toxic chemicals. UCI
UCI Major Events Policy
Sec. 900-15
This policy applies to Major Events sponsored by Non-University Users anywhere at UCI, and is intended to facilitate free speech and expression and to ensure safe and successful events. UCI
Use and Scheduling of UC Irvine Properties
Sec. 900-10
This policy ensures that University interior and exterior spaces are used efficiently and responsibly, and in ways consistent with the priorities of the University. UCI
Use of Sound
Sec. 900-10.D.3
Guidelines and restrictions for the appropriate level of sound of an event so as to not interfere with normal University activities. UCI
Use of University Trademarks Policy
Sec. 700-20
This policy defines the permitted uses, as well as restrictions on the uses, of the University of California name and seals and the UCI names, seal and trademarks. UCI
Use of Videotapes Policy
Sec. 802-11
Showing of videotapes or discs in a semi-public environment may be subject to copyright law and must follow University policy. UCI

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