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Thursday, Feb. 2
5:00 p.m.
In-person: UCI Student Center · Doheny Beach AB

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How to Play

Playing in person has its perks! Free snacks and collectible buttons, while supplies last. Opportunity drawings for two UCI-Logitech co-branded G640 large-cloth mousepads ($40 value each)—just for attending!

Bingo rounds will be played on the Bingo Maker platform.

UCI-Logitech co-branded G640 large-cloth mousepad


First, register to play online or in-person by visiting UCI’s CampusGroups. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on what to do next!

To Play

  1. Players get their virtual cards by visiting
  2. Click to “Join” a game
  3. Search for the game name in the list and click “Join”
  4. Enter your Access Code into the password field and enter your name

  1. Each registered player who wants to play on their own device will be given an access code
    • In-person players will receive an access code when they check in
    • Online players will have an access code emailed to them by 3:00 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 2
    • In-person players who opt for a paper Bingo card will not need or receive an access code
  2. At 5:00 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 2, navigate to, find the UCI Bingo game, and click or tap the “Join” button (Figure 1)
  3. Enter the access code in the Password field and enter your name in the Player name field (Figure 2)
  4. Click “Join”
Join button
Figure 1 – the “Join” button
Access code
Figure 2 – log in with your access code

Playing the Game

  1. If you are playing virtually online only, we recommend that you:
    • join our Discord server at the time of gameplay, as we will be recapping the game live, and you will be able to contact us if you are experiencing any issues. The prize will be announced at the beginning of each round.
    • unmute the caller on your device (Figure 3)
  2. At any time when a new round begins, tap on your “FREE” square. The square will turn orange.
  3. The current draw will appear at the top of your device (Figure 4). It will also be called out in the voiceover, if you have unmuted your caller. In-person players will see a flashboard projected in the room (Figure 5).
  4. If your number has been called, tap on the square with that number
  5. The previously called draw will appear below. On a mobile device, you may tap on this number to view the full list of previous draws for the current round. If you are on a laptop or desktop, the list will already be visible.
  6. When you get a Bingo, the squares on your card will turn green and a message will appear (Figure 6)
    • If you are playing in-person, yell “Bingo” to get our attention
    • If you are playing virtually online and if there are no other validated Bingo winners, then you will be declared the winner and the round will end. In the case that there are multiple Bingo winners, a random drawing will occur and a single winner declared. If you are the declared winner, you will be contacted at a later date to arrange for a prize pickup.
unmute button
Figure 3 – unmute your caller
the card
Figure 4 – the virtual Bingo card (mobile display shown)
the flashboard
Figure 5 – the flashboard
the flashboard
Figure 6 – Bingo

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