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Filmmaker’s Code of Conduct

Filmmaker’s Code of Conduct

Filmmaker’s Code of Conduct

By signing the permit, you agree to comply with the Filmmaker’s Code of Conduct.

  • Members of the cast and crew must not willfully, negligently or with reckless disregard commit any act likely to create a health or safety hazard.
  • Members of the cast and crew must not willfully, negligently or with reckless disregard engage in destruction of University or personal property or in physical harm to others; or in other ways disrupt classes or essential operations.
  • Production vehicles must not block driveways without the express permission of the University.
  • Meals must be confined to the area designated in the location agreement or permit. Individuals shall eat within the designated meal area. All trash must be disposed of properly upon completion of a meal.
  • Removing, trimming and/or cutting of vegetation or trees is prohibited unless approved in writing in advance by the University.
  • All catering, craft services, construction, strike, and personal trash must be removed from the location or placed in trash cans and/or dumpsters provided by the University for disposal.
  • All signs must be approved prior to placement. Signs must be removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the shoot.
  • The shoot must be discussed in advance with Student Center & Event Services staff to identify expected noise levels and the steps to be taken during the shoot to minimize noise. Amplified sound is not permitted without approval in writing in advance by the University.
  • Cast and crew vehicles parked at the University must adhere to all legal and campus requirements unless authorized by the film permit.
  • All members of the cast and crew must wear shoes and shirts at all times.
  • Cast and crew must remain on or near the area that has been permitted. Do not trespass on to other areas (i.e. buildings, classrooms, offices, fields, etc.) without prior approval from the University.
  • Cast and crew must not bring guests or pets to the location, unless expressly authorized in advance by the location permit. Service animals are exempt.
  • Cast and crew must observe the designated smoking areas and always extinguish cigarettes in butt cans. If there are not butt cans nearby, the production company is responsible to provide butt cans for the cast and crew.
  • The production must comply with provisions of the permit at all times.

In addition, the University encourages all cast and crew to refrain from using lewd or offensive language while on University premises and to behave in a respectful manner towards students, employees and guests of the University.

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